Vicki Irvin is the CEO and visionary behind the Black Woman Lifestyle brand, a multifaceted wellness and empowerment platform tailored specifically for black women. Drawing from over 20 years of experience as a marketing expert and business coach, Vicki has successfully mentored thousands of women entrepreneurs, including celebrities, to launch and scale their ventures into six and seven-figure enterprises. Her journey from coaching to creating a million-dollar business within 12 months has established her as a leading figure in business development and marketing strategy, earning her the nickname “Millionaire Maker.”

Underpinning Vicki’s business acumen is her belief in the interconnection of health and wealth. This philosophy led to the founding of Black Woman Lifestyle, which offers a targeted supplement line curated specifically for black women, an online community, and wellness coaching, all designed to enhance the lives of women of color. Her work is a testament to her commitment to helping women achieve optimal health as part of their overall success.

Vicki’s unique marketing strategies and non-traditional methods have made her a sought-after mentor for women entrepreneurs seeking to diversify their income streams, expand their client base, and solidify their online presence across various industries.

A graduate of American International College with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development, Vicki has been honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters in Philosophy. Her business insights have been featured in major media outlets like CNN’s HLN Prime News, USA Today, Essence Magazine, and on platforms such as Lifetime TV and Bloomberg Radio. Vicki is also an author with three books available on Amazon, a dynamic host at prestigious events including BET Award shows, and the voice behind The Black Woman Lifestyle Experience Podcast.

She is the author of three books:
1. The Superwoman Lifestyle Blueprint
2. The Secret Diary of a Superwoman
3. Superwoman Lifestyle Brand Building Blueprint
All are currently available on Amazon.

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