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How many times have you created products and services for your customers only to find out nobody wanted them? I mean, as entrepreneurs we are serious about helping out our target markets, we want to provide them with solutions, right? I bet you put your heart and soul into your product creations, offered them to the world only to realize lack-luster sales. If this let-down caused you deep pain, grief and money, let me clear something up for you. It’s not that your products weren’t any good, in fact most likely they were great, it was probably due to something else. Let’s try to figure out what went wrong:

1. Perhaps you marketed them to the wrong people. Is your list comprised of people who are interested in what you do? Or do you randomly send emails and offerings to everybody you know including family and friends who have no confirmed interest? Do you even have a list? (If not you HAVE to have one)

2. Did you create your products without doing the proper research to figure out if there was a desire in your market for them? Did you know for a FACT that what you created was fulfilling a need in your customer base, or did you just assume?

3. Do you have a marketing system and process for your business that is proven to work and that does all the hard work for you, or do you wake up every day on a wild goose chase wondering how you can blindly acquire just one client at a time with no real plan? And most days, nothing is happening.

If you find yourself fitting into any of those categories, truth be told you are FAR from alone. This seems to be the path many entrepreneurs take with their business when they have not received the proper guidance and coaching on what to do and how to do it. It’s a hard long lesson that unfortunately leads to many people having to close their doors and give up their passions and dreams. But it does NOT have to be that way. Once you learn how to correct those areas, your business will flourish like everyone else you see and admire. They don’t have anything over you, except they learned the right marketing and implementation system. That is EASY to fix!

Make sure you grab a spot on my Brand new FREE Tele-class “5 Simple Secrets to 10k in 30 Days-How to Leap From Concept to Implementation and Profit.”

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