You are gonna kick yourself! Vicki Irvin

Are you registered for Thursday the 16th yet?

I just got back from LA. While I was there I
scheduled some time to work with one of my friends
who is a celebrity fitness trainer on her
branding. She is currently on the TV show America
Now and in production to film another reality show
that will coming out in 2011.

She was anxious to get with me because she
realizes that she must capitalize on all the media
exposure and opportunity that has come her way.
She specifically wanted to focus on her Branding
so that she sets herself apart from other trainers
and really carves out a unique place for herself
in the marketplace.

She told me about some major missed opportunities
that happened as a result of her not being branded
properly and how she NEVER wants for that to
happen again. In business you only have a few
seconds to capture someone’s attention and if the
message you are conveying through your branding OR
the lack of any branding at all is off-base, then
well….you lose. Plain and simple.

To ensure that you NEVER miss out on another
client or another opportunity, make sure you
register to attend my FREE tele-class, “Brand
Building Blueprint, How to Create and Monetize  an
Authentic and Unique Brand that Attracts Clients
Like a Magnet in 3 Simple Steps.”

Branding is a process and once you see my 3P
Branding formula… Progression, Process and
Package, you will kick yourself for not learning
it sooner, it’s just that simple!

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