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The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching! I hope you have a GREAT dinner with family and friends and really enjoy yourself. If you are cooking, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to the point you stress yourself out. Focus on what is important about the holiday and try to relax! I am headed to Massachusetts for the holiday with my parents and to attend my high school class reunion! Did you notice how I kept the year of the reunion out? LOL

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Ever wonder why so many people are selling the same products and services but only a handful of people in any one industry really stand out with brand and name recognition? It is because they have spent time working on positioning themselves in the market place and you have got to do the same thing. Don’t get frustrated because you feel like you have been plugging away and not making progress. Most likely you are plugging away at all the wrong things. It is about working RIGHT not hard. Now you may be sick and tired of hearing me say this, but it all boils down to your marketing prowess, my story will never change. The recession excuse is invalid because people are still spending money on what they see value in. If your marketing message is strong enough to make people see the value in your product or service then you too will be making money. The recession definitely makes people tighten their purse strings and focus on what they can and can’t do without. But believe me, if you are a good marketer you will be on the “can’t do without� list.

Let’s go back to the basics here. You have to have the RIGHT MESSAGE, THE RIGHT MARKET and use the RIGHT MEDIA. If anything goes wrong in this sequence you are limiting your potential greatly. What good is a great message to the right market if you aren’t reaching that market with the right media? What good is a using a great media to reach the right market if your message sucks?

So go back and figure these things out. If your marketing message does not move people to come kind of action, you have to fix it. There has ALWAYS got to be a call to action. If your message does not solve a problem for people then you have to fix that because you are supposed to be their solution. If your message is not overcoming the common objections of buyers in your industry, you have got to fix that, and yes it is your responsibility to know what they are. If you are using medias to advertise that do not reach your ideal demographic, your message is falling on deaf ears who could care-less.

While some of these things may sound very elementary, they are typically one of the top reasons entrepreneurs are not prospering or not realizing their maximum potential. This very topic will be one of the many things we dissect and break down in my Women Entrepreneurs’ Event in June. This event is going to take you from A-Z and focus directly on YOUR business and how to walk away with a system and process that will start making you money while you sleep!

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