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We are preparing for another busy real estate investing retreat this weekend. I am so happy because we have people who attended seminars months ago who were afraid to join, but as they lurk around watching what we do and all of the success stories we are producing, they are finally calling our offices ready to finally take that step and change their lives. I find that most people who come to our free seminars have tried real estate investing in some shape or fashion before, so I consider our crowds very smart and business savvy. Most have shopped around and attended other seminars, but somehow they feel what we have to offer is what they are looking for. After all, no other program in this area can boast the amount of success our students have had and we have not even been doing this a year yet!! If I tally up the money made cumulatively by our students since we started, we are over a million dollars in success stories!! I am actually impressed with myself, LOL!!! Our secrets just can’t be duplicated! We live these life-changing principles and that is what makes the difference. My husband can make a champion of anyone, he is an inspiration to this community and proof that ANYONE can make a change in their life and attain success. After all if you have been to a seminar then you know he lived with his MOMMA until he was 28 and look at him now! And I can honestly say he has made a champion out of me too, simply by supporting me when I wanted to learn real estate investing and then helping me make my dream of sharing my success with the Metro area.

I wanted to take a moment and talk about a paradigm shift. That is a complete change in your thinking from how most of us were brought up. My husband has several businesses and we do the whole investing thing together. Yet both of us do a lot of writing to large lists of people. We sometimes get emails from people telling us to check our grammar before we send stuff out. And trust me, when I was still working my 9-5 and he was working on his businesses, I was Mrs. Grammar too, always proofreading his stuff and telling him he has a million typos. He would tell me that it didn’t matter and that in the corporate world we are rated on that stuff but not in “his� world. And for a long time I just didn’t get it and thought who would ever take him seriously if he couldn’t even spell or put in the right punctuation. But seeing all his success soon made me change my mind. While I was slaving away at work crossing all my “I’s� and dotting all my “T’s� he was making millions spelling stuff wrong. Fast forward to how I evolved in investing and the thousands of people I now write to….Guess what? I now make a million grammatical errors every day too! I have no time to proofread my writing, the most important thing is that I am getting a message out there. And that message is that I know how to make myself and others life-changing money. So trust me that I know how to spell and I do know the proper uses of punctuation, I graduated from Grad school with a 4.0 and held executive positions in the corporate world. But all that got me was a 5% increase every year! So I do know how to spell and write, it’s just that sometimes I frankly don’t have the time to proofread! I’m too busy making money for other people and that has proved to be a better use of my time! The GREAT part is that I knew NOTHING about investing and felt very inferior. But I soon realized how easy it was as long as you had the right mentors and secret information most have no clue about! I have a student who used to email me all the time appalled that I wasn’t proofing my writing. That was BEFORE she signed up for class and now we laugh all the time. She now says that she doesn’t care if I can’t spell CAT, all she knows is I have forever changed her financial life!

If you want to learn how that whole paradigm shift works , come on out to our power packed seminar at the Greenbelt Marriot in Greenbelt, MD and see people just like you who have joined a whole new world and had their lives changed. Come on out June 14th and see more success stories from your own community and find out how you could be the next one. Register now at:  or call 202-595-1849.

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