Worst number is “1” Vicki Irvin

I am coming off of a live 4 day event with my husband Lloyd. He had over 270 business owners fly from all over the world including China and Australia to come and learn effective marketing strategies.  I presented for them on Branding and marketing messages to make you stand out and attract more clients and opportunity.  It was an amazing crowd and more came out of it than I expected!

Speaking of live events, I wanted to give you a heads up! My annual Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event is being held this year July 15-17th.  This year our entire focus will be on Purpose, Profit and Prosper. The event is being held for entrepreneurs of ALL levels as well as those who are still trying to figure out what their true purpose and passion is.  Sometimes you know you want to do something else, but you just aren’t quite sure what! Well after attending my event, you can best believe you will know exactly what it is you were meant to do. After the success of my event last year, this year I will be taking things to a whole new level!

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Just how are you profiting in your business? Are you making money from more than one aspect of your business? Are you doing live events? Are you speaking? Are you conducting tele-seminars? Do you have a coaching program?  From my experience, most entrepreneurs could and should be profiting from all of the above. You never want to stay so narrowly-focused in your business to the point you are stepping over thousands and thousands of dollars by not expanding the scope of what you are doing. The worst number in business in “1” because if  that “1” income stream ever goes away, so will your business.  That is why you must proactively create multiple profit centers within your core business, to arm you against that. Bullet-proof your business!

If you have never considered expanding the scope of your business, then today, I want you to seriously think about it. Yes, there is a proper way of doing live events, creating talks, and creating profitable coaching programs. As with anything, you have to invest in learning how to get the knowledge to do so. Those who come to the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event will be exposed to all of the above!

Will YOU be there this year?

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