Why So Many Women Entrepreneurs Aren’t Prospering-Vicki Irvin

Happy holidays! I hope you and your family have a great season and reflect on happy memories of 2009. I also hope that next year will be transformational for your business and I am personally excited for all my new coaching clients in 2010, together we will make it so you realize your best revenues EVER! If you have not yet registered for my January 4th Coaching call designed to get your mind and business on track, then please do so now! Hundreds have already registered and I would hate to run out of available conference call lines, as the information I am sharing will be life-changing for women entrepreneurs and those aspiring everywhere!

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Everybody wants to make money with their business on-line and jump into the world of internet marketing. Internet marketing is attractive to so many people because it gives you the impression of just sending an email or two and having money just drop into your bank account. While that is kinda how it works, there are specifics steps to make sure it does. There is a right and a wrong way to market your business and there is also a system to it. If you have not studied and mastered a proven system of internet marketing then chances are you are not making that much money as an internet marketer with your products.
Now that does not mean that you can’t. It just means you have to understand the psychology behind what converts a prospect to a customer. If you chose to skip this step and not gain a clear understanding of why the system works, then you won’t be in business long. 2010 is about doing what is necessary, no more skipping steps! Trying to short cut the process is one of the top reasons so many women entrepreneurs fail in business.

Regardless if you are a coach, consultant, or network marketer, your products and services can outsell your competition any day if you take the time to learn how to market. First let’s look at some ways you can make money on line. Write down which categories your business, product or service fits into:

Selling things-this includes any type of tangible product
Selling information- eBooks, videos, audio, membership sites, information sites
Combination of stuff-combination of any number of tangible items that are making money
Product-products you have created and have permission to sell to others
Information-information on your field of expertise/industry you have created and have permission to sell or license
Affiliate-This simply means that you are promoting, marketing, and/or selling someone else’s product or information for a fee or portion of the sale amount.
Ads- perhaps a membership site where you drive targeted traffic and you have others paying you to advertise on your site

Can you see your business fitting into any of these categories? If so, you can create your information products and make money, that is the good news!

Confused about what to do next? Does it all seem too overwhelming for you? It doesn’t have to be! After creating your information product you need someone to market to, correct? Where do these prospects come from? Well, they better be coming from your efforts on building up your list. In this business your list is your golden egg. Your list should be guarded and protected with your life, nurtured like you nurture and tend to a baby, and the relationship should be cultivated and given lots of attention. I am still amazed at how many women entrepreneurs have awesome products and services but don’t know how to attract clients or how to sell them properly. Another step that cannot be avoided or your business will be doomed. BUILDING A LIST OF QUALIFIED PROSPECTS IS A MUST. But don’t worry, there are proven ways of doing this that all the successful tops folks in the industry do, so the good news is there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
If you do not have a contact management system like Aweber to capture your leads, put it on your PRIORITY list for 2010. Your email marketing will depend on it. I will discuss why this is so important on our January 4th coaching call as well as steps you can take immediately to set yourself up for success. Here is a preview of topics being covered on Jan 4th:

• Why so few women entrepreneurs are prospering
• Entrepreneur mindset- are you cut out for this business?
• Psychology behind selling and relationship marketing
• Creating your information or signature product
• Importance of using a contact management system for lead capture and communication
• How to convert a prospect to a client…..

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To Your Success in 2010,

Vicki Irvin

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