Vicki Irvin-Why All The Negativity?? Maryland Real Estate Investing

ARRRRGGGGHHHHH! I have a million things to do today, all related to real estate investing. Besides handling my own investments, I am getting all my students information ready who are attending my January 19th boot camp. We even have people ready to be booked into February and March! Real estate investing has gone wild in the metro area. I am starting to have so many real estate investors from other parts of the country send me emails trying to find out what we are doing here. The success stories of the investors in our area is spreading like wild fire! I have been asked to come and speak and teach my program in other states, but I have declined several people, simply because my focus right now is making our program here the best in the world and I don’t want to get side tracked.

I want to take a moment and talk about “giving back.� I have a question to ask… why is it that no matter how much a person does by way of giving to others, that is just never enough? Why do people still get hit with criticism, even after saving lives and donating life-changing money? I am speaking specifically about Oprah. Why did she have to defend herself for opening up a wonderful center for children in South Africa? First of all, I firmly believe that NOBODY has the right to tell anybody how to spend their money. That is a personal choice. Second, why are people so judgmental? No matter how much money Oprah donates, somebody will always have something negative to say when they themselves are not in a position to help anybody. Oprah has donated millions of dollars to all sorts of charities, but she doesn’t feel the need to broadcast it to the world. The fact that she is not seeking the recognition for it proves she is about the cause without looking for anyone’s approval. Why can’t people just say what a wonderful thing she has done? CRABS IN A BARREL SYNDROME. You have to be a very insecure person to bash a person like Oprah or ANYONE who gives back in any capacity for that matter. But it all goes back to a conversation I was having with my cousin the other day. She does so much for people in her family, but it is never enough no matter what. So in the end she gets upset and continues to try to prove herself. I told her to let it go and CUT THEM OFF. No matter how much she does, it will never be enough and in the end people are just preying on her kindness and sucking her dry when they are able bodied people who can fend for themselves. Sad, but so true!

If you are looking for a change and you are ready to do something for YOURSELF for a change without having to worry about unappreciative people, sign up for my next seminar on January 25th at  Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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