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First of all the answer is YES, no matter what the weather is like, rain, sleet, or snow we will still be having our seminar tonight, we don’t let such things stop us from showing people how to make life-changing money! So I expect to see you too!

I think you have heard me mention how busy my students have been keeping me lately. So busy in fact, I am constantly expanding my team. I have some great people supporting me and helping to make the Maryland Real Estate Secret’s Program the success that it is. And that is a wonderful thing.

I couldn’t do any of the things that I am doing without the support system I have in place, life is hard enough without having great people on your side. Who do you have on your team? Who is your “go to� person for the support you need in your life endeavors? Think of who that person is and then try to imagine being without them. Not a good thought, right?

On the flip side of that, who do you surround yourself with that you know deep inside does not have your best interest at heart? Think hard about the people you can’t even be yourself around. We all have them in our lives! Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we are “acting� when we are around them, all we know is that we can finally breathe when we leave their presence. That is not a good thing and should make all of us evaluate our relationships.

Having a good solid team is critical to your success. The same way a baseball or basketball team can’t survive without good cohesive players, neither can we in this game of life. Like I said, it is hard enough making it on our own, let’s be sure to build a force field of people who are positive, encouraging and motivating. Anything else can be poisonous and crippling to our growth.

Looking to add some new positive members to your team of life? If so, come on out to my seminar, tonight, March 7th and see real life people like yourself who have had their lives changed through the power of real estate investing. Register now:  

Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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