What Side Of The Fence Are YOU On? Vicki Irvin

I wanted to share with you something I have been doing lately. My three year old son Little Lloyd has been learning a new word every week from me. His granddad and I have been giving him big words to use and teaching him the meanings. Sometimes we underestimate the power of what kids can grasp! So far, Little Lloyd knows what repetitious, relentless and plethora means. And he can use them in a sentence in the right context. I practice with him all the time. Simple concept, I know, but consistency and practice is what works.

Looking at my three year old and seeing what he is capable of is amazing. It reminds me that with continued education, practice and consistency we as adults can too do whatever we want to do. I drill home to my investing students that they need to consistently show up and continue their education. And the students who show up at all of our live meetings for 12 months and participate on our coaching calls are the ones making the most money. Why? Because they are consistent. It’s a proven pattern and trait of successful people.

And when we have our live investment meetings each month we talk about associating with other successful people. Those are people you should be surrounding yourself with. Let me give you an example. You have a room full of people who all learn the exact same thing during a training class. All are given the exact same tools to succeed. Some go out and apply what they have learned. And others do not put in much effort.

What do you think happens when the successful student talks with another successful student? Well I can guarantee they are talking about their successes and how to improve upon them and encouraging each other to keep up the good work.

What do you think happens when the person who didn’t put any effort in gets together with another person who put forth no effort? Well I can guarantee that they are whining and complaining about how awful the training was and how it just does not work. In a nutshell they are making each other feel better about their laziness and living in the sheer denial that the problem is their unwillingness to work.

In life you will meet both types of people. Doers and talkers. It is up to you to choose what side of the fence you want to be on. Do you want to surround yourself with successful action takers? Or will you be content hanging out with talkers who never take any action? My hope is that you surround yourself with action takers. The latter can be a nightmare and fatal mistake.

Share your stories of who you choose to surround yourself with below!

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