Vicki Irvin-What Is YOUR Mission? Maryland Real Estate Investing

MAN! I had an awesome birthday. My husband surprised me and took me out to eat in a limo with some friends. He always does such thoughtful things for me, I think I may actually keep him around for a while!

I want to address a topic that continues to come up over and over again. I am receiving so many emails from people who have been scammed and burned by other real estate investing programs. Mostly programs that are taught by out of state gurus who fly in and fly right back out. I would never bash or talk negatively about another program, in fact many of them are great programs. However, the breakdown occurs because you do not get the continued support of a mentor and you do not have access to all the right players that you need to be successful. Programs that are not local are only able to provide phone support remotely and often times you are never even able to get anyone on the phone. So the end result is always the same. You spend good money to learn to be an investor, but you never actually get started because you don’t have all of the tools that you need. The same applies to buying those darn courses in a box!

Just as with any company, organization, charity event, or even church, you ALWAYS have to figure out what the mission of that entity is. That mission needs to be in line with you values and what you are trying to accomplish. For example, when we put our program together, our mission was to change lives and make as many success stories as possible. And so in order to fulfill that mission, we added components to our program that will support people learning how to invest in real estate and ensuring the success of each person. That is why we provide continued mentorship and access to all of the key players that are critical to the success of an investor. Further, our roots and reputation in the community are extremely important to us. Besides his other businesses, my husband is HUGE in the world of martial arts (Google his name, it’s amazing-“Lloyd Irvin�) and he works with hundreds of children from our own backyard, and shaping young minds and preparing them for the future is number one on his list of priorities. I firmly believe you are nothing without a good name and I am sure you would agree with me.

My point is that people who fly in to teach real estate investing and then fly right back out, couldn’t possibly have the same mission as someone from your own community. So this is a friendly warning to those of you who are thinking about joining a real estate investing program. I hear the horror stories and the disappointments, and I do not want for you to have to go through the same thing, it can be a costly mistake. So be diligent in your choices and always ask people this one question…. “WHAT IS YOUR MISSION?�

If you have been thinking about joining a real estate investing program and just don’t know how to pick the right one, do yourself a favor. Come on out to my next seminar on January 25th and learn all about my mission!  

Get “Rich-N- Fit� with the Queen! Can you really afford not to?

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