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During our mastermind meeting, several people asked my husband how he manages all the businesses that he has and how he continuously adds new facets to each one. His answer was simple…fast implementation. That is the key to success. We are all taught to make sure we are thorough and that we cross all our T’s and Dot all of our I’s. We are taught to check everything that we write for grammatical errors and to edit, edit, edit.

And I had the same mindset. Before I entered into this whole mastermind world with my husband, I spent a lot of time critiquing his work and telling him he didn’t use the correct punctuation, etc. He used to ignore me and I thought that something must have been wrong with the school systems he went to!! LOL But he later explained that “In his world� that type of stuff just was not important. He said for the types of things he was doing, fast implementation was what his focus was. He explained to me that if he wasted precious time worrying about a misspelling, someone could beat him to the punch and put out a product or service he wanted to put out before him. He said that there is no such thing as perfect and it is better to throw something out there and then clean it up as you go along. Otherwise he would never get his product or services out there because he would be too stuck trying to make sure it was perfect. Money is attracted to speed and I saw this first hand. So I guess you know that I no longer spend time trying to make sure everything is “just so�, I am now more interested in JUST DOING IT!

That has proven to be one of the best lessons I could ever learn. And it is philosophies like these that we now teach in our real estate investing mastermind groups. See our model is to make people successful and it takes more than just teaching the technical aspects of investing, it takes a reshaping of the mind and the way we as adults have been taught to do things our whole lives. But that shift in thinking is what ensures success, and sure enough, our most aggressive students are the ones who jump out there and JUST DO IT! They don’t over-analyze things and even though they know they won’t be perfect, getting through the process the first time is what they focus on.

Have you been analyzing things too long? Has over thinking things kept you stuck to the point you never take action? Are you tired of doing that and want to be a part of a group of people who PUSH you to make a change? If so, I URGE you to register for my next seminar on March 7th. Come see real life people just like you who had their lives changed!

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