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Happy Monday! Hope this week starts off great for you. What are you excited about? I spoke to friends and family this week, and so many seem so excited about one thing or another. I was out to dinner with my mom who is still here visiting and my mother-in-law, cousin, and Lloyd, my husband. My cousin is just getting started in real estate and man is she pumped up! All she does is grin from ear to ear and talk about all her leads that are rolling in and how she is getting better and better at talking to sellers and analyzing deals. One day I even called her to tell her something and she turned the conversation back to her and investing! I think we have created an animal, but I know how it is. To learn a new skill that can forever change your life is exciting. I was the exact same way.

It is also just great to see people take pride in what they learn, most people don’t have a clue about investing and the thought of it appears intimidating on the surface. But when they finally see what it is that we do, a whole new world opens up. And that is exciting. Anything worth having must be worked for. And everyone learns at their own pace which is perfectly fine, as long as they hang in there and stick it out. Soon the rewards will be reaped!

Can you think of something you wanted badly in life? Did you go for it? How did you feel when you finally attained that goal? Wasn’t it an awesome feeling?

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