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I have been thinking a lot about life lately, and we so often take it for granted. I know you have heard the news about Gerald Levert passing away. What a shocker, he was only 40 years old. We always think if we are healthy we don’t have to worry, but the reality is that any one of us can go away from this earth at any moment and we have no control over it. That scares me sometimes.

One of my best friends in the world is currently struggling with cancer. It is hard to see someone you love go through an ordeal that is so painful. At first I wanted to stay away because it hurt to see him that way, but then I had to imagine how HE felt both going through it and having people stay away and I decided I was being a coward. It’s just rough when you have visions and memories of a person who was vibrant and healthy only a short time ago, and then have to see them when they are not quite themselves. So I had to imagine what I would want if I were in the same position and that is for people to treat me the exact same way and so that is what I am committed to doing.

Realizing that life may not be as long as I want it to be, I have vowed to make sure that I take advantage of all opportunities granted to me. I no longer hesitate to do the things I want to do, and I am certainly no longer afraid of new challenges and ventures in life. In fact I welcome them, because tomorrow is not promised and it may be the last chance I get to make a change in my life. So many times I have lost out on opportunities just because I didn’t want to take a risk. THAT is boring. To live safely and never make changes for the better get you absolutely nowhere. And that so called safety is just an illusion most of the time anyway, so why kid ourselves?

I’m curious to know…Can you recall a time in your life when you missed out on an opportunity that you now regret just because you were scared or wanted to “play it safe?� If so, what have you done to ensure you never make that mistake again? Share your missed opportunities with me and most importantly what you learned from it. Post your comments below!

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