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Happy Monday! I hope you had a very good weekend as well. I had a great time hanging out with my family.

Are you taking care of yourself? I am asking because once again, I have been talking to friends who are putting everyone before themselves and now they are paying for it. Some people have good intentions and others do not. In life we are supposed to help people, but we have to be careful of those who are looking for free ride and to squeeze the life out of you simply because they feel you owe them something or they just do not have to work hard like you do. I know so many people who get caught up in guilt trips by family members or friends and made to believe they are responsible for grown people. Your obligation is to yourself first and foremost and then your immediate family which usually includes your children and spouse. Anyone outside of that you wish to help should be because you WANT to and not because someone makes you feel guilty. That is actually called manipulation. Do not allow people to manipulate you. Nine times out of ten if the roles were reversed these same people making you feel obligated to them would not be there for you if you needed them. Many, many people have seen this happen to them and I know first hand it does not feel good.

Many people in life are what I call opportunists. They show up when they see something beneficial for themselves and that is typically their only intention. But anyone who is an opportunist will quickly show their true colors. If you were to take a look at their pasts, they will have a pattern of using people to get what they want. So be careful who you allow to guilt you into “helping� them. You will be blessed regardless for your great intentions, but it is much more productive to help those who truly appreciate it and are able to move to higher heights based on the knowledge and assistance you gave them. So again, please do not forget to take care of yourself first. If you are not in good shape mentally, then you will not be able to help those who really need and deserve it. After speaking with me about this, my friend made a vow to start focusing on her. She started her transition yesterday and has asked me to help keep her on track. If you or someone you know is like my friend, then let today be the day you too begin to take care of you first so that you can help as many people as possible who deserve it!

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