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I had a GREAT meeting with my Investors’ Realtors Dominique and Keisha yesterday. We met at Jaspers at Greenbelt and worked all afternoon. Dominique told me that so many people are reading my Buzz and getting motivated and all worked up to take their lives to the next level. She even mentioned one person who told her there was NO WAY, I was writing my Buzz every single day and that I must just get stuff from Hallmark cards or something! She told him he was wrong and that I do indeed sit at my lap top every day and write to everyone! And I love it. I have been fortunate to have some great mentors in my life and in turn, I like to help motivate others, besides there is strength in numbers and the stronger we are as a whole, the better for everyone. And I read each and every one of your comments to my blog, so keep them com’in!

I have a cousin who asks me all the time how I do all that I do and still maintain a sense of self, give time to my husband and two year old son all at the same time. The simple answer is that I just do it. I think sometimes people want me to come up with a more complex explanation but I honesty don’t have one. I guess I look at things like this… you know how our parents and grandparents like to remind us how easy we have it and how many miles they had to walk in the freezing cold to school, and how 7 kids had to share all their toys, but how they were nothing but happy? Well while we hear those stories, there is a deeper lesson there. You only know what you know. If we lived during those times and shared the same experiences we wouldn’t really look at them as hardships, but rather just the way things were. Again, you only know what you know. Our moms and grandparents had to work long hours doing REAL labor and still support a family. There were no flex days and comp time and vacations and water coolers. Just straight hands on hard labor that we can’t even imagine ourselves doing. So when I reflect on that, I realize how much easier things are now with technology and just all of the advancements since that time. If our ancestors could look down on us and see how easy we have it on our computers at work and talking on cell phones all the day, they would be shocked. The truth is…we don’t know real work! So when we make excuses and complain how tired we are and how there aren’t enough hours in the day, it’s just a bunch of talk. Those are the types of reflections that push me to do more and more. If we had the work ethics of our ancestors think how much further along we would be. Quite frankly we pale in comparison. THOSE are the people we should strive to be like rather than the so called role models we have today.

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