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We are in for some cold weather this weekend so be sure to bundle up. I am so excited, I just paid for my trip to the Dominican yesterday. A few of my girlfriends and I will be leaving in January to soak up some sun and just relax! They asked if I was going to leave my laptop at home! THAT was funny, not a chance. I want to be able to share my island adventures with you every day, so the Queen’s Daily Buzz will still be coming all the way from Puerta Plata!

Do you have any holiday plans? Normally my husband and I throw huge New Year’s Eve parties at our home, but this year we want to do something different, so we are looking at going someplace we have never been. My husband always laughs because I typically find hot spots to vacation by seeing where the rappers and stars hang out. I think I want to try St. Tropez this year, the way Diddy and Jay-Z talk about it in their songs, it has to be hot!! How shallow is that of me, I had to research to even find out St. Tropez was in France because I didn’t have a clue… but a girl has to have fun! I’ll let you know if I end up hanging with Jay and Beyonce, perhaps they will want to do business with the Queen!

I am super excited, my real estate investing boot camp next week is full to capacity as usual. I have beginners and some experienced investors attending. I am amazed at how many already practicing investors are starting to join my group. I am beginning to realize that the secrets to creative real estate investing are still under wraps and now people are wanting to know more and more about what it is we do. I admire that because a lot of people already investing think they know every aspect of it when they don’t. So congratulations to the investors who are ready to take their careers to the next level, I can’t wait for them to see how their business takes off after we teach them the BEST KEPT SECRETS. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

If you haven’t already, register for our next seminar on December 7th at : You can’t afford not to!

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