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Happy Monday!

The real estate investing networking event I held on Saturday was WONDERFUL! We had a GREAT time sharing success stories and talking about the investing strategies that work today in this market. If you missed it, or have not signed up for this group, you can go here to sign up, see our photos and read all the comments from people who attended…Next month is going to be a blast!

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If You Are On FaceBook and Want To See Video Of the Saturday Meeting, Go Here:

I was talking to an attendee of my event and he told me that he wants to get started investing, but he is always waiting for the “perfect” time. THERE IS NO PERFECT TIME.

As humans we often think to make any move in life, everything has to be perfect. Waiting on things to be perfect is a SURE way of keeping yourself stuck and never moving forward. Sometimes we don’t think we know enough yet. And that could be true, but as long as you know more than the next person, you have something of value to share they can learn from.

You cannot wait for the sun, the moon and the stars to align perfectly before you step out and make your dreams happen. There is no such thing as perfection. What you do is throw something out there and CLEAN IT UP AS YOU GO ALONG. You can always make improvements! The main thing is that you get started!

Rarely do I do anything that does not need tweaking along the way. My only focus is getting started so that my dream is realized and then I make adjustments to make things better.

So STOP waiting for the Perfect day cause it ain’t gonna happen. Like Nike says, “JUST DO IT”

Does this sound like you? I would love to hear your comments below!

Vicki Irvin
The Real Estate Investment Queen

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