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WOW! When I asked everyone to share their goals for 2008, I never knew I would get such an overwhelming response, but I surely did! Thanks so much for sharing your goals for the new year, together we will support each other and make sure that they happen.

I also received quite a few emails from some of my students who say that I have made quite a difference in their lives. That is always great to hear! It’s so hard to keep track of every single purchase or real estate transaction that all our students make, so I love when someone comes out of the woodwork and tells me they are on their third real estate purchase as a result of our program. Here is exactly what one student said in an email to me:

“Thanks to you and Lloyd and Maryland Real Estate Secrets, I am on my third property, so 2008 is looking VERY promising. Since I attended your seminar back in April, my life has changed.�—B.C.

As I said with so many students doing multiple deals, we never can keep up, so it is awesome to know we are having such an impact. Many of you shared that real estate investing is definitely on your goals list for 2008 and that is a wise decision!

I was with a friend over the holidays and was with some of her family members. One woman kept complaining that she was so sick of commuting and her job and wanted to learn real estate investing, but couldn’t find the time or money to invest! I thought that statement was quite odd because this woman travels to Atlantic City to gamble all the time and spends thousands on her trips. It’s always odd to me to see people give the excuse of not having the time to change their own lives. If you don’t have the time to make a difference in your own life, then nobody else will either. My hope is that people will prioritize in 2008 and do things that will enhance their lives.

I know another person who complains about her situation all the time as well, says she needs to be making more money because her job with the government is letting people go left and right and she needs security. Now, whenever I see this particular person she is designer down from HEAD to TOE. I mean, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, you name it, she has it! I swear to you, she looks like a runway model and her hair and nails stay done to perfection. But those are where her priorities are. She doesn’t see the value in investing in her education, but definitely sees the FALSE value of spending thousands on her appearance and clothes. These are what I call EXCUSES. But that is a mindset.

So if you ever find yourself giving excuses for why you cannot move forward, make sure you think hard about what you are spending your time and money doing. Add it all up. Where do these things get you? Anywhere at all? I doubt it. If you don’t fall into this category but know somebody who does, try to help them out PLEASE. Sometimes we are the only obstacle standing in our own way! I have had to get out of my own way several times in life and ONLY when I stopped making excuses did things start to go right.

Guess what? We are having our last free seminar of the year tonight, 12/27 at 7pm. If you want to feel good about starting off 2008 on the right track, then come out and see us tonight! Register here:

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