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Well, after a lot of back and forth, Michael Vick has been sentenced to 2 years in jail. I am so sorry to see a young man with such a bright future go down in this manner. But to me, his story is not a shocker. And I don’t mean from the perspective of WHAT he did, I think animal cruelty is a pointless crime. I mean the circumstances under which these crazy crimes occured. I am of the opinion that you are a product of who you surround yourself with. Although Michael Vick found stardom and fortune through football he continued to surround himself with people from his past who just were not good for him. Unfortunately, our community tends to have a thing about “keeping it real” and often times that means still partcipating in harmful behavior that can land you in a lot of hot water. It’s one thing to come from a place that isn’t so great and elevate to another level. But it doesn;t mean you have to go out of your way to prove to your old friends that you haven’t changed. It shows that no matter what, people still want to be accepted by their friends, just like when we in high school.

In life you have to have the courgae to take a stand and make things better for yourself. If you want to prove something to your friends, do it by showing them another way of life. Become an example that through hard work, anything is possible. That is more productive than engaging in criminal behavior for the purpose of showing your crew you are still “down.”

And after all of that, we know what happens every time. The same “friends” you were trying so hard to prove you haven’t changed to, turn around and hang you out to dry. Because at the end of the day, when it comes down to it, everyone ends up looking out for themselves and those friends you were keeping it real for, will turn on you in a heartbeat to save their own behind.

I can imagine how Vick is kicking himself now. A hard, hard lesson to learn. So pointless and so worthless.

So my point is that we should all take a good look at who we are surrounding ourselves with. Are they positive people? Are they encouraging? Are they happy for you when you do something to better yourself? Or are they negative people? Do they smash your dreams? Do they criticize you for wanting more in life? Are they self-serving? You be the judge! 2008 is a few weeks away and if you need to clean some people out of your life, now is the time to do it. I promise you will see the difference immediately. I have been cleaning house myself over the last few months and I can tell you what a HUGE difference it makes!

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