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Happy Monday to you! It’s Thanksgiving week and time for the holidays in general. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

I have to cook the turkey this year, that and my collard greens. Many people don’t see me as the “cooking� type, but I am actually getting pretty good at it!

I feel sad today because one of my best friend’s dad passed away. They were extremely close and I know it is a sad time for him especially around the holiday. Makes you once again cherish the time with loved ones because we all know that tomorrow is not promised for any of us.

I rarely get a chance to watch TV but I love watching Run’s House. I am excited to see a black family on TV not acting crazy. The portrayal of blacks on TV has historically not been good and it is nice to see a show do well that portrays a family that represents a strong unit. I think that people don’t realize how common that scene is, and nobody seems interested in something “normal�. But there are actually lots of black families that are good solid units, whether it is a mom and dad at home, or a single mom and dad raising their child the right way. It’s nice to see.

I am also noticing more and more young people coming to our real estate seminars every month. People in college who are aware already that real estate investing is something that everyone must take part in. When I was that age, I wasn’t thinking about such things, so I admire the youth of today! I had one wise 20 year old tell them that they know that now is the best time to invest because of all of the people who can’t sell their homes with a realtor. I was blown away because most people don’t even get that. Now is the BEST time to be an investor and now is when all of the money is made, in a market just like the one we are in. Unfortunately most people just do not know what to do, but fortunately we do!

If you want to learn how to make big profits in today’s real estate market, then I urge you to come out on November 27th and see the “secret formula� that is working over and over again. The last crowd at the seminar was blown away at this best kept secret and hopped on it! It is truly amazing! Register here right away:

What better way to start the year? Learn some money making strategies that ANYBODY can do regardless of credit or money!

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