Vicki Irvin Is Trailer Trash! A Must Read

I know I talk a lot about removing negative people from your life in order for you to be able to move forward in a positive way. But today, I want to share two real life examples that just happened to me yesterday.

Remember the email I sent out sharing with everyone how I took my mom and mother-in-law to see Oprah on Monday? Well, boy oh boy was I shocked to see two nasty messages from two separate people on my email list! These are the type of people that live and breathe to rain on people’s parades and cause misery. These are people who sit back watching and waiting for any instance to spread their poisonous attitude to others. These, my friends are the types of people you need to RUN far away from! We all know someone like this and to tolerate it in your life is doing a disservice to yourself. Check out Nasty Person Number 1 and Nasty Person Number 2, I cut and pasted for you to see:


“you need to correct your email. oprah is not the only, nor the first, african american billionaire. nor is she the first african american FEMALE billionaire. in fact, a few of them live in our area. you may perceive oprah has *made it*, but what her specific financial gain is is an unhealthy message from euroamericans that if you deny your heritage, give only lip service to your *blackness*, if you assimilate, appeal to upper middle class euroamericans, if you do not threaten us with facts, we will reward you with riches. in other words, sell out. she is not an inspiration to most african american females with a sense of real identity. her nose narrowed, bush straightened – erase some blackness – from her days on channel 2 news. *what does it prosper a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul.* if the very real presence of racism – rather, eurocentric, neurotic supremecy and economic disenfranchisement – did not impact the western nations, there would be greater affluence in our communities.â€�


“Your stupid headline exposes you as a “clever-in-your-own-mind” name dropper.

I know trailer trash with more dignity that you display.

Just goes to prove that all your money can’t buy a shred of class.â€�

WHOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Is it me or what? For sharing my experience taking the ladies in my life to Oprah, this is what I was hit with.

I am classless trailer trash for going to Oprah and perceived as “name dropping�. Did I say I had dinner with Oprah? Or did I say I went to her show? LOL. And the Oprah Basher seems to have a heart full of hatred down to how Oprah wears her hair! And correct me if I am wrong, but I didn’t say Oprah was THE only African American billionaire, I said she is ONE of the only. People of this nature are typically loud and wrong though, that is a trait. And don’t get me wrong, everyone is not an Oprah fan, but the depth of nastiness that cut across this email, goes much deeper than just expressing an opinion.

Now on the flip side, the majority of people that responded to my email, told me congratulations for the experience and shared an experience with me. Several people recognized the bigger message of my email which was the blessing of still having my mom in my life and being able to make my mother in laws dream come true. Some people said they wished they still had their mom and told me to cherish it.

I feel sorry for people who live this way and I feel sorry for the people around who they affect. Fortunately, they cannot affect me.

So thank you to the Negative Nancy’s who sent the emails, you served as a wonderful case study for all the positive people out there trying to live life. If you have Negative Nancy’s in your life that turns and twists every good thing you do in your life, REMOVE THEM TODAY. Sometimes it is even family in which case you have to control what you will and will not tolerate from them!

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