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As you probably know, we held a contest and asked thousands and
thousands of our email subscribers to “Help Us Help a Family In
Need” so that they could have a good Christmas. We were
OVERWHELMED with the response and we thank you for sharing all of
the stories of people who needed help. With so many people who
needed help, Lloyd and I wish we could have helped everyone, but we
did help as many people as we could. The holidays are a trying and
emotional time for many people in need and trust me when I say I
cried as I read several stories of tragedy.

We wanted to share with you one young lady we helped out on
Christmas Eve, we have hopefully put a smile on her son’s face!
Take a moment to listen to the audio of our surprise call to her
and then the actual video. Again, thanks so much for nominating
people in need and allowing us this chance to make the holiday a
little more cheerful!

Check out the Audio/Video Here:

Vicki & Lloyd Irvin
Maryland Real Estate Secrets
The Real Estate Investment Queen

P.S. I am a MUCH better looking Santa than Lloyd,
he is looking kinda short for me here! LOL

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