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I was talking to one of the ladies that I mentor on business and marketing strategies. She has an AWESOME idea for a new business venture, but when she went to research it, she found someone else in the area already doing what she does so she was discouraged. I told her that very rarely will anyone be able to come up with something that doesn’t yet exist. It doesn’t matter if someone else is already doing it, it boils down to who does it best. There will be competition in any business no matter what. There will be a McDonalds and Burger King of EVERYTHING! Then you will have the mom and pop shops of everything, the people who may be doing what you are doing but on a much smaller level that you don’t even view them as competition! Someone will always try to watch what the top person is doing and mirror that. That is the name of the game. Lloyd’s martial arts school is copied by just about every martial arts school out there. Our Maryand real estate investing program is the Number One Program which means we are always open to people copying what we do. When you are on top, there is no getting around that in fact it is flattering. The BEST position in business and life is to be where so many people want to be, it just means they view you as number one and successful too. Imitation is the best form of flattery, but rarely do people REALLY know what makes your business so successful, it goes way deeper than what they see on the surface.

In fact Lloyd is teaching people from EVERY single industry in PG County how to outmarket their competition and dominate.

So If you have a GREAT business idea, do not be discouraged if you find out someone else is doing it. Just do it better, out market them and make sure you get in the number one position!

Vicki Irvin
The Real Estate Investment Queen

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