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Man, oh man, I have been sooooo out of pocket lately! Lloyd and I are involved in some major national projects and my life (as usual) has been turned upside down!

What is it that you need to work on that will help you take a small step towards getting to the next level? Seems like everyone on my staff is working on something different, something personal to get them closer to their goals. One of the mentors for investment program Marshall is working hard on perfecting his craft. Marshall is making serious money because he is finally LISTENING. Marshall had to learn to be quiet and listen and now that he has done that, he sees the change.

As humans we are always flawed, but as long as we work hard everyday on getting better that is all that counts. And I mean REALLY trying…not trying hard to deceive people or ourselves into THINKING we are doing things right, I mean REALLY trying.

Right now my husband and I have blessed so many people with great opportunities and it is coming back to us 10 fold. That is a GREAT feeling and what people are supposed to do. I have a HUGE list of subscribers on my real estate investing lists and I am AMAZED at how many people write to me to let me know how something I have said or done has impacted their life. I find that the majority of my audience all have one thing in common and that is to HELP others and give back. And that is refreshing! SO many people want to get involved in real estate investing , but not just for themselves, but rather to put themselves in position to help others. And that is admirable. The better position you are in, the more you are able to help somebody else.

I am motivated everyday by watching my husband be a friend, mentor and advisor to so many people. He is open and caring to a fault sometimes, but he doesn’t care. For every few people who take advantage of his kindness, there are 5 more who prosper and appreciate him for that. And those are the only people he worries about. I get defensive when someone tries to use my husband. I get all upset and he just laughs and says all people will eventually be accountable for their actions. And he is right every single time. Each time someone wrongs my husband Lloyd, some MAJOR opportunity comes his way. Sometimes the opportunities are so major that I wish someone would wrong me too!!! LOL

My point is, no matter what happens, focus on reaching a small goal and treating other people well. Never stop your kindness for bad apples, because someone else needs you very much!!!

So whatever you need to work on today to point you in a better direction…HOP TO IT!!!!!!! Need a jump start?? Check us out at our next FREE Seminar.

Vicki Irvin

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