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What a week thus far! Lloyd and I attended a holiday party at Radio One’s CEO’s house, Alfred Liggins on Tuesday. I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it, but at the last minute I was. I’m glad I got to attend, Alfred is Cathy Hughe’s son of course. They had an appreciation event for some of their clients at Alfred’s house. It was a great time networking and seeing other business professionals.

On my way into my office the other day I was listening to Steve Harvey talk about Haters on his radio show. Apparently a listener wrote a complaint letter about how much one of the female co-hosts on the show laughs. She thought she shouldn’t laugh so much and questioned was she being paid to just laugh. Steve was irate about it and spent some time addressing her as well as the other haters of the world.

His point was that if all this woman had to do with her time was write about someone’s laughter, there was obviously something wrong in her life. Afterall laughter is a GOOD thing and we all need to do more of it. But in life, we are surrounded by Haters who don’t want to see others happy. He mentioned that there are people on earth who wake up every day just to Hate. They whine, moan and complain all the time and criticize everybody and everything they can. We all know people like that. And they are poisonous.

If you have been the brunt of Hate or feel like you are always being Hated on, it’s only for this one reason….Because you have obtained some level of success. The ONLY people in life being hated on are those who have something somebody else wants. It means you have made some type of positive stride in your life. And I don’t mean only monetary. It can be spiritually, physically, ANYTHING. And unfortunately everyone in life does not want to see you succeed. What is REALLY going on is that they want to be just like you. On one hand they hate on you and then on the other they really want to be just like you. Just all mixed up! LOL

It takes a lot of negative energy to be a hater. You poison yourself and you poison others around you. And before you know it, you end up alone and miserable. I know LOTS of Haters but they don’t affect me one bit. It just means I am doing something RIGHT. And so are you!

Vicki Irvin
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