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Hi!! I am back in town after a wonderful trip to St. Louis where I was holed up in a room for three days with over 600 of the brightest and richest self-made millionaires from all industries in the world. That was pretty intimidating. And the meeting was conducted by none other than Dan Kennedy himself along with some awesome guest speakers! I am happy to say that several real estate investing students from Maryland Real Estates Secrets attended as well, it is AWESOME to see people progress to higher heights.

Guess what else? I was part of the Young Guns Panel!! Myself along with two other people got to talk about how we ran successful businesses in the early stages. That was quite an honor because these people are BIG TIME! The other aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs got a chance to ask us questions. That was fun! I was so nervous!

I love attending these events because there are always real estate investors from all over the country there to network with. One of the things we spent time talking about was how great a time it is to invest in real estate. Real investors know how to make money no matter what. The only people saying it is not a good time are those who know NOTHING about real estate. So we are some happy campers right now. I got a chance to see my real estate investing mentor Terry Bryan as well as the Cash Flow Expert, Jim Canale, Terry Wiegal the Quick Wholesaler, Mark Sumpter, the Short Sales expert and the magnificent Richard Roop who Lloyd and I actually had lunch with to discuss all the business opportunities out there. Roop is one awesome investor and I think we can do some things together really soon!

One of the reasons I have been so busy is because of all the real estate deals going on right now. Our phones are ringing off the hook with people who want to sell their homes quickly and we are backed up trying to help as many people as possible. It’s even busier now because unskilled investors are afraid to invest because they are listening to the media talk about the market. So now it seems like Maryland Real Estate Secrets are the only ones servicing these people. But that is a GREAT problem for our investors because they know how to make money in ANY market. One of my students just did 3 deals in the same week about 2 weeks ago. That brought in a payday of $13,500 for him. And his phone won’t stop ringing with more deals coming his way! I guess the moral of the story is that there is never a BAD market, there are only DIFFERENT markets.

If you have not yet been to one of my free real estate investing seminars, you have GOT to come out and hear us talk about how to RACK up in real estate in this market! We will show you how to use this “so called� slow market to make GOBS of money!!! Register here for my November 14th seminar:

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