Never deviating from her tried and true model of success, Vicki’s coaching incorporates the Mastermind concept. The Mastermind concept, often to linked to “Think and Grow Rich” author Napoleon Hill, is based on the belief that the power of positive thinking multiplies when successful business people come together and collectively bring their experience, proven results and successes to the table to brainstorm and share ideas of what does and does not work to increase business revenues and build client bases.

Vicki, as well as other Mastermind members, gives each coaching client the opportunity to present her business model and challenges and instructs her on how to overcome those challenges and increase her business revenues.

Vicki’s 12 Month Superwoman Success Millionaire Mastermind Program” has several tiers – Platinum, Platinum Plus and the The Evolved level. These exclusive groups consist of  business owners and entrepreneurs who want to explode their income and take their business to the next level working directly with Vicki as a partner every step of the way. Accountability and being challenged by your peers is another benefit of being in a Mastermind. Your peers will be other people who share the same challenges and struggles as yourself, who speak your language. Mastermind fosters a supportive environment of encouragement to keep you motivated and always striving to reach the next level of success. Having someone on which to bounce off ideas has been proven to be a key, priceless ingredient to success.

You also have the option of applying for Vicki’s popular Signature Business Reinvention Retreats which are one day intensives where you come ready to fix your most pressing challenges on the spot, implement and leave with your business made over!

In addition Vicki holds small exclusive private VIP coaching days for clients who wish to work with her one on one. She also frequently conducts tele-coaching programs so you can learn from the comfort of your own home regardless of where you reside. If you would like more information about Vicki’s exclusive Mastermind groups, VIP consulting days, Business Reinvention Retreats or tele-coaching programs, please send an email to: