Vacation or Education? Vicki Irvin

I just got back from spending an awesome New Years holiday in Vegas, and today is the first work day of 2011! My main focus this week is speaking at an event and finalizing some material for my appearance on Lifetime TV. What’s in the plans for your business in 2011? Get out your vision board and start preparing your plan to achieve all that you want and deserve!

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If somebody has something you want, that you know can make an impact on your life, how far are you willing to go to get it?

Most of my mentors and coaches have events on the west coast, which is why I spend a lot of time in Las Vegas and in LA.  Sure, it’s inconvenient for me to take 5 hour plane rides and spend 4 or 5 days in a hotel. After-all to make that I happen, I have to make sure my 6 year old son is squared away with his school and activities routine while I am gone, my business is in order and a host of other things.

But that is what sacrifice is all about. If somebody can help me increase my business profits or enrich my life in some positive way, I am THERE.  And no, I don’t sit and wait for them to throw an event in my own backyard because I know that is never going to happen.  People who have knowledge that can affect lives have paid their dues and now they are sharing what they have learned with the world.  And if that means I have to endure another long trip to go and get their knowledge, then I am doing it.

Life isn’t always convenient and who am I to think that someone who has something I want should pack up and come to me? Actually that is quite ridiculous to even think that way.

Let’s face it, we are all busy doing what we do, running around trying to make a bunch of things happen at one time without losing our sanity.  But if you are not willing to do what it takes to go and get the knowledge you need, then you can’t complain about where you are stuck or falling short, because that is the decision that YOU made.

Most of us need to get to a point where we can stop working IN our business and instead work ON our business to make it grow and expand.  And part of that is getting the education to make that happen by any means necessary…even if it isn’t always convenient.

It’s funny how we can make time for the things we want like vacations and fun, but we always make excuses when we need to carve out time to get serious about our business.

So next time you make excuses about why you can’t carve out the time to educate yourself, think about how easily you were able to do it when you wanted to go on vacation.  Kinda makes you say hmmmmm, right?

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