Time Vampires! Are They Sucking Your Blood? Vicki Irvin

An extremely important part of running a successful business is managing your time effectively. In the world today, we are so caught up in Ipods, iphones, the internet, and text messaging that it has become an obession. An addiction just like a drug! I’m not exaggerating either! How many people do you know that when you try to even talk to them, they don’t even hear you because they are engrossed in their computer or phone?

The problem with this is that it is consuming people’s lives in a counter-productive way. If you added up all the time you spent playing around on the net, or engaging in a silly conversation via text, you would be amazed at how many hours you are losing a day over pure nonsense.

Imagine if you took that time and applied it towards your existing business or a business you are looking to start. You would be that much further ahead in reaching your goals.

Do not allow people to steal your time like a Vampire steals your blood. Nine times out of ten that phone call you receive is NOT an emergency nor is it generating any income for you. It’s most likely about the game on TV, Beyonce’s latest video, or where you plan to go for happy hour!

So try this for an exercise! Take note for one day of all the phone calls and text messages you receive. Count how many are anything of substance,and count how many are just pure nonsense. Take good notes and review what you come up with at the end of the day. I can guarantee you will soon agree that you need to take back control of your time and put it into your business and things that actually mean something.

Let me know your results! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Beware of Time Vampires!

Vicki Irvin

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