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Happy Monday! I wish the sun was shining, a little sunshine is good for lifting the spirits.

I was speaking to a friend over the weekend and she was talking about all of the things and ideals she was raised with by her parents. It was interesting because she said it has taken her a long time to realize that she actually needs to “unlearn� many of the things she was taught by them. As an adult she now realizes that they were only passing on the concepts they were raised with and that it is just a cycle that goes from generation to generation. I thought about it and actually agreed. Our parents raised us to the best of their ability and we took what they said as gospel simply because well….they were our parents and we are supposed to listen. But as adults now who are able to think for ourselves, I bet we could all come up with some things our parents taught us that we need to “unlearn.� Even down to the simplest stuff.

Let me give you an example on a small level. My dad used to always tell me to just wash my face with Noxema, this started back when I was 12 and had a bout with teenage acne. He told me to forget about all the fancy products and just use Nomexa and my bumps would go away. And so when they did go away, I continued to use Noxema. Then as I got a few years older I started using some other products and he told me to stick to Noxema. Do you know I switched back to Noxema? But here is the really crazy part….DO YOU KNOW I JUST STOPPED USING NOXEMA ABOUT TWO WEEKS AGO?? One of the Maryland Real Estate Secrets Platinum Mentors Valarie went on travel with me to a Real Estate Investing Conference and she saw me using Noxema. She told me that it was too drying for my skin and turned me onto some excellent new skin care products. She MADE me order these new products and I just love them. My skin looks 100 times better and people are stopping me all the time to ask what I have done differently because I am glowing! Now while this is a funny example, it goes to show how deeply rooted into what are parents tell us we are! My dad is not a dermatologist, he is a retired police detective who is now 78 years old, so why I continued to use Noxema for all these years listening to him is beyond me!! LOL

Now while that is a harmless example, think about the misinformation we may have received from our parents that is potentially harmful. And I am not saying it is intentional, it’s just that you don’t know what you don’t know. And as adults we need to unlearn the things that hinder us in any way. The millionaires that belong to my husband’s mastermind group have a common philosophy. While at dinner one night with them, one of them said that they refuse to send their children to college to learn Business from professors who only make about $60,000 per year. I initially thought that was harsh, but then I thought about it. He is a multi-millionaire real estate investor and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per MONTH. If he can teach his children what he is doing, what would be the real purpose of sending them to school to learn Business Management from people making $60,000 per year? And I am all for education, but I can see where he is coming from. I have two college degrees, however my career as an investor has earned me way more money than any job I ever had using my college degree!

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