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Next Wednesday In Greenbelt On
October 24, 2007 I’m Going To
Reveal Something So Valuable To
You That If You Miss It, You Will
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I’m on travel sitting on my balcony here at the Ritz Carlton eating a lump crab meat, swiss cheese, spinach and mushroom egg white mix, while reading yesterday’s USA TODAY, and the first thing that captures my eye is

‘Treasury chief Henry Paulson calls for aggressive aid’

One part said

“In a speech offering the Bush administration’s strongest comments on the housing slump so far, Paulson told a Georgetown University law school audience that the government and lenders must move forcefully to aid MILLIONS of homeowners whose adjustable-rate subprime mortgages will reset to higher levels in the next 18 months�

“Paulson added that the problems go beyond subprime loans, which are higher-priced loans aimed at those with poor credit. Delinquencies are rising among borrowers with conventional mortgages. Further, troubled loans are spread around the country, making it hard to handle the problem�

“The housing decline is still unfolding, and I view it as the most significant current risk to our economy� Paulson said.

Now you must understand that the people in charge of all of this knew from the beginning what would happen when they allowed these FUNKY loans to be approved. When they targeted the black community with subprime loans and giving up MILLION DOLLAR homes for $2700 a month with an ARM.

These people should be put in JAIL.

Now let me tell you this, on Wednesday October 24, 2007 at 7pm in Greenbelt Maryland I’m going to reveal a easy and simple way that you can help the millions of people that have been screwed and get paid for it and I mean REALLY PAID!

You see MILLIONS of people are losing their homes, they will need somewhere to stay, many of them have good jobs but bad credit so the BANKS won’t help them, but WE are helping people in this situation every single day and NO ONE else has a system to do this like we do.

Many people have tried but have lead their students down the WRONG path. I will show you how to do it and when you discover how it’s done, you will realize why our students are doing so well even in what is supposed to be a ‘bad market’, there is no such thing as a bad market for us, no matter what the market is doing, we just switch up our strategy.

Let me promise you this, this one strategy that you will learn in Greenbelt will blow, your mind and put a gigantic SMILE on your face, you’ll actually said to yourself “I can’t believe Lloyd is sharing this with us� but I am.

So I look forward to seeing you in Greenbelt on October 24, 2007, if you haven’t registered yet please do so at the link below


Lloyd Irvin Jr.

PS. I don’t care what you have to do to get to get to Greenbelt, just do it, if you want a serious change in your life. I promise you that what I will be sharing with you will absolutely blow your mind, and I always keep my promises.

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