The Last Two Days Were Priceless! Vicki Irvin

Just wanted to share what an awesome two days I just had at the highest level mastermind group out there. My husband belongs to the mastermind group of Bill Glazer, partner of Dan Kennedy the Millionare Maker. These two guys are responsible for his explosive business success and I get to tag along from time to time. What that means for me is that I get to experience the knowledge in the room from all the top internet marketing guys, real estate guys and successful folks in all types of businesses. I’m talking about self-made millionaires who got to that point by perfecting how to market both on and off-line.

It’s the power of the mastermind. Imagine being in a room with about 20 multi-millionaires who all get the chance to be in the hot seat and explain their biz challenges. You have the benefit of the other 19 brilliant people who shout out ways for you to make more money or get more customers! PRICELESS.

Ali Brown is the only woman in the group and she was one of my first inspirations when I started my investment business. Since then she has become a multi-millionaire teaching other women how to explode their businesses. I am a proud member of her Millionaire Protege Club where I receive the best coaching out there. Ali believes as I do that there are not enough women role models in business teaching other women business owners how to go to the next level. I will be flying to LA in a couple of months to meet with her women’s mastermind group and I can’t wait!

My point is that if you have never experienced the power of a mastermind, you are going to be at a disadvantage in your business. It’s all based on the principles of “Think and Grow Rich” and the most succesful people in the world belong to them!!!

Stay motivated and I will soon be inviting you to my call on internet marketing, effective marketing and so much more, so stay tuned! You are in for a BIG treat!

Keep Climbing!

Vicki Irvin

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