The DARK Side of Mentors!

Hey Superwoman! I am happy to be home after a long weekend in Vegas where I was attending James Malinchak’s Millionaire Speaker’s Bootcamp with my friend Kim Davis! James is an A list speaker and has great relationships with some of the most influential people out there. His students are experiencing major success through his coaching. Special thanks to James for personally inviting me to check out what he was doing! I learned so much my head is spinning! Kim and I made the decision to add James to our list of mentors. A girl can NEVER have too many millionaire mentors, life is a continuous road of education and INVESTING in yourself. Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be!

My trip to Vegas got me to thinking about how important it is to keep learning all you can from the RIGHT people! I firmly believe that the success I have experienced is as a result of the mentors in life I have chosen. Do you ever find yourself listening to advice from people who aren’t qualified to give it? Don’t fall into that trap, you need to choose mentors based on proven results, not talk. We all know people who know NOTHING about NOTHING, but speak with such authority when they tell you what you should or should not do. They give you business, relationship and every other advice you can think of, but they don’t have a business, are not in a relationship (or a good one) and they do not have their lives together one bit. But man oh man, do they believe they are experts. The sad part is that if you aren’t aware of it, you can actually buy into what they are saying. You don’t get medical advice from a lawyer, you don’t take legal advice from a doctor and you don’t take tennis lessons from a football coach. Do you? So why on earth would you listen to someone who isn’t making money tell you how to make money? Why listen to someone give you personal advice on life whose life is in shambles? It isn’t congruent one bit.

A mentor is someone who is where you want to be. They live a lifestyle you want to live one day. They have financial and time freedoms you desire. They have proof of helping people through their business with verifiable results and they are ethical. Anyone you are listening to who does not have these qualifications is NOT qualified to be a mentor.

As much as I love Facebook and Twitter and believe it is a GREAT social media tool, there are still things to beware of. I have heard horror stories of people being swindled out of money by people on Facebook and Twitter who have zero experience or expertise in the service they are selling. Keep in mind that many of these social medias don’t cost a dime and ANYONE can pretend to be someone they are not by creating groups and sending out business information. People are free to Tweet about whatever they want and can pretend to be anyone they wish. I heard a quote from a big time business person recently. To paraphrase they said that social media has created a platform for frauds everywhere to try to become famous at the expense of innocent people. It is simple to lie and pretend to be whoever you want to be and never be questioned or challenged. There is no checks and balance system in place so the responsibility is yours. Do your homework, look for results and proof and don’t believe everything you hear.

A friend of mine who is an attorney and very successful businesswoman shared a story of how she was bamboozled out of $10,000 on Facebook. Luckily she was brave enough to share her story and expose the perpetrator so that nobody else falls prey. I’m sure you have all seen friends on Facebook or Twitter posting things you KNOW personally are not true. I know I have! Some of the stuff I read makes me go “Really? When did that happen”. And because of that, you have to watch who you listen to carefully. Most people who are legit will have been around long before they signed onto a social media site and created an account. It’s no different than on line dating sites. I personally find nothing wrong with dating sites (I may have even tried it if I was still single), but people are free to post pictures and information about themselves that are not accurate which leads to deception, same concept. So just be careful.

So take inventory of your mentors and role models. Are they successful? Are they ethical? Do they have proven results? Have they made success stories out of anyone as a result of their mentoring? If you can’t say “yes� to any of the above…take out the axe and CUT those ties before it’s too late!

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