Testing NOT Guessing and Blue Eyeshadow-Vicki Irvin

Happy Saturday! I am on my way to work out and later taking my son to the circus with friends. I hope you have some fun or relaxing plans this weekend. Before I get my day started, I wanted to share a funny story with you! Hope you enjoy!

How do you know if something in your business is working or not? How do you know if what you are doing is effective? How do you know when and how to make it better? You test, that is what you do! I said TEST, not guess! The most successful marketers test different aspects of their business to see if they can increase conversions all the time. If what you are doing is not working, don’t keep doing it! Stop immediately and make some adjustments until you find a winning formula to make it work.

Every single time I do something in my business, I track the results and see what I can do better if I am not happy. In my various businesses, I test EVERYTHING. Colors, copy, medias, what I wear, how I speak. I am constantly improving on all of these things in an attempt to increase my conversions and boost my business. This may be insane to some, but I will give you a perfect example! At a live event I had just last week, my assistant Bonita was working the registration table for me. When I saw her that evening, I immediately noticed how beautiful her eyeshadow was, it just popped! I heard several other people give her the same compliment. Later on Bonita told me that someone was interested in signing up for my event and he told her he was “on the fence” until he noticed how gorgeous her eyes looked! He told he had decided to pay for the event on the spot based on her eyes! HE REALLY SAID THAT! After he wrote his check and left we all started talking about the things that make people buy. Eyeshadow? YUP! I told Bonita to make sure she wears that eyeshadow all the time now! LOL

My point is this…if what you are doing is not working, then you have to change it immediately and keep testing different things until you find a winner! Otherwise, you are just spinning your wheels and wasting your time, and your business it too valuable for that!

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