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I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did, despite feeling a bit under the weather. I am home with my son today, we both aren’t feeling so well, so we are going to just hang out and take it easy. My husband is finally back from Brazil, his team was once again victorious with their fights!

I wanted to dedicate today to providing you with motivation and encouragement. I get a lot of emails from husbands and wives who want to invest in real estate, but their spouse is not very encouraging and sometimes down right negative toward their goals. I receive enough of these types emails, that I felt I needed to address it. Sometimes, as partners, we don’t always have the same goals in mind, and that is okay. As a family unit, you have family goals and you make decisions together. However, when you become a partnership, you still do not lose your own sense of self. When we marry someone, we are still the same person we were when we were single. We still have INDIVIDUAL goals, dreams and aspirations and that is a very normal and healthy thing.

As we are all well aware, marriage is compromise and that means supporting the person we dedicated our lives to, even when we don’t share their same passions. And trust me, that can be hard sometimes, but it goes a long way in fostering trust in any relationship. I learned this firsthand being married to Lloyd. He is a life time martial artist and I had never even heard of his style of martial arts when I met him, and so of course I had no interest it. But I had to learn that this was his life and his passion and what made him “TICK�. So I have traveled to my share of tournaments to support him if for nothing else than to show him that I had his back. And in turn, when I wanted to become involved in real estate, he supported me. An added benefit was that he too loved investing and so we found a business we could do together! You never know what you may end up really enjoying, so we always have to keep an open mind.

So whether you are a spouse not supporting you better half just because you have no interest, or of you are a spouse trying to get your better half to support you, I urge you to go back to the basics. I can imagine that you fell in love with your spouse because you admired their sense of passion and the fact that they were always looking to better themselves and wasn’t just satisfied with where they were at in life. That is a wonderful trait in anybody, it’s easy to just settle for they way things are, but it takes courage to break out of the mold, invest in yourself and make a positive change for yourself and your family. So hang in there with your real estate investing goals and all your other aspirations, together I am sure you will make it happen!

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