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I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Now back to the Monday grind of getting acclimated to get through another work week for most people. I remember that cycle all too well. No matter how many times Monday rolled around, I still never quite mastered doing it gracefully. For me, the knots in my stomach would begin on Sunday afternoon, just knowing the weekend was over. That feeling of dread was horrible, and every time I even think about it, it forces me to work harder on my real estate investing!

Today I plan to go and catch a matinee movie, something I rarely do because I am not a big movie person. But I have been wanting to see the new Will Smith movie he stars in with his son, The Pursuit Of Happyness. I saw him on Oprah promoting the movie a while ago and it just seemed like it would be so good. I’m sure some of you saw it over the weekend, it came out number one at the box office, so that is great for Will Smith. But more importantly, I am excited to go and see a movie that is centered around the theme of not giving up, even when you have hit rock bottom. Story lines like that motivate me to keep pushing and allow me to realize things are not always as bad as they seem. I know there have been times in my life that I thought things were really bad for me, only to be snapped back into to reality when I saw someone else bounce back from a worse predicament than my own. Those are called reality checks and all of us need them from time to time. It’s easy to break down and submit to defeat, but the REAL test of your fortitude comes from pulling out of the trenches and getting back into the swing of things. After all, life does not stop for anyone!

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