Social Media-Friend Or Foe? Vicki Irvin

What a whirlwind week I have had! I am preparing for my All women’s real estate investing retreat on May 22nd & 23rd and things have been hectic. I am so excited to be doing this, it will be an historical event for me, as I have never taught an all female audience before. If you are interested in attending or know another woman who has always wanted to invest, call my office for more information at 301-292-8990.

The book I am featured in has also been released, Women On Fire! I am going to be doing an official book signing at the women’s REI retreat and that is something I look forward to as well. It was just announced that the Women On Fire Retreat will be held in Chicago and Stedman Graham (Oprah’s boyfriend) will be speaking to us. He is a big fan of the book which I think is awesome! If anyone is interested in attending these types of events with me, just let me know, I love to bring women into the fold of great events!

Are you using social marketing in your business at all? How about Facebook, or Twitter? And if you are using social marketing, are you using it effectively? While I was in Chicago last week, I spoke to a social media specialist and told them how I was using it in my business. Turns out I am using it the right way, which was great to know. But we also talked about how people are NOT using it correctly. Social media should be used to generate business or clients. It is okay to infuse personality into your social marketing, but it is not okay to get too personal or share stuff that will turn your audience off. In addition, it is easy to become addicted to social media and waste time doing things that do not generate income. So if you are using social media, be honest with yourself and assess if you are making money from it, or just staying busy. Another big mistake is solely relying on social medias to build a business from. It should be used as a supplement to your marketing, not a sole source. If you are using as a sole source, that is probably the reason you are not getting the results you want. You do not ever want to rely on just one leg of marketing to build or support your business, doing so will leave you vulnerable.

Try to limit the time you spend on social media sites. You should develop a formula of spending about 1 hour per day on your social media marketing. Anything more means you are probably addicted and probably doing not doing things that are income generating. I must admit, that I love social media and I love the fun aspects of it as well. But when it comes to building my business, I try to stay focused and condense my time to one hour. You must also be sure you are measuring the results you are getting from these sites. If you don’t have a way of knowing if what you are doing is working, then you are making a huge mistake. So take inventory of your social media marketing and make the necessary tweaks to ensure you are monetizing it!

The weather is becoming increasingly warm! June will be here before we know it. How are you feeling about your fitness? I hope you started walking, working out and eating better. This is the time that gyms start getting crowded everywhere. But you don’t have to go to the gym to get a good work out in. If you are pressed for time, you can always invest in few pieces of equipment from a sporting goods store. I have a physio-ball, a resistance band and various dumbbells. I transformed my entire body using those things and eating right. I worked out in my living room and saw instant results! I am the type of person who likes to switch it up from time to time to keep myself motivated. In warm weather I like to run outside or go to a track. There are just so many things you can do to get healthy.

As women we are not able to perform to our maximum level if we do not feel good about our bodies and health. It hinders us from doing a lot of things and keeps us out of balance. I can guarantee you that if you start to do things for your health and fitness the give you results, you will prosper in all areas of your life. That synergy has to be there, it is just how we are built. So if you need some help with your fitness goals, just send me an email and let me know, I would love to point you in the right direction!

I know I am not the only one who gets mentally and physically tired at the end of the day. And for those of us who are moms with young children, the work never stops. At times life can be so overwhelming it can paralyze you. I encourage you to figure out what your threshold is. Find balance in your life without losing yourself. Once you lose yourself, you can’t be as good to anyone else that you want to be. I have learned that as a woman, we sacrifice so much and try to be all things to all people. But if we do not have a good sense of self, we flop. So my advice to you is to take inventory of everything you are doing. Prioritize. Give up things that are not productive to you or your family. Clearing out the crap will allow room for things that make you feel like a whole person again!

Vicki Irvin formerly a human resources executive, quit her 9-5 job to become a real estate investor. She created a multi-million dollar real estate coaching business in 12 months by applying marketing strategies and techniques that many have never even heard of. After being asked by women nationally how she managed to build and juggle a successful business, tend to her family and stay in such great shape, she decided to teach her blueprint for total balance to other women through Superwoman Lifestyle.

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