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It’s Friday again! What are your weekend plans? My husband is currently in Sacramento, CA, one of his fighters has a BIG fight on pay per view Saturday. If you or anyone you know is into martial arts and UFC fighting, tell them my husband Lloyd’s fighter will be on at 10:00pm. You will be able to see Lloyd too. If you didn’t know, Lloyd is one of the most famous martial artists in the world, quite an accomplishment for an African American! If I sound proud, it’s because I am. I have yet to meet anyone with the drive and motivation he has. He has truly been an inspiration to me and keeps me motivated as well.

Have you ever seen the movie Sliding Doors? If not, it’s all about how one second can change the entire course of our lives. For instance when my husband and I met it was a much more memorable experience for him than it was me as the story goes! He knew the night after meeting me I was “the one� but when he called me a couple days later, I didn’t even remember who he was. Plus he annoyed me on the phone. What if he had not persevered and kept calling me? I would have just blown him off and he wouldn’t be my husband today.

I guess what I am saying is that although I am a very motivated person on my own, the level of motivation I have now has been increased ten-fold since being with Lloyd. He has a passion for life and loves to raise the bar for himself in all aspects of his life. He has been an entrepreneur all of his life and it eventually it wore off on me. I know that you know how hard it is to wake up every morning in the dead of winter and commute for an hour and a half in traffic to work…Well try getting up in the morning doing that while your spouse is snoring away tucked warmly under the covers! I have to admit, I was pretty envious of that and yes I admit it, I was HATING on him! But at the same time, it helped me to get my behind in gear and start pursuing a bigger and better dream.

Have you ever noticed how you bump into people you may have gone to school with or been good friends with years ago and when you talk to them, they are speaking a language you no longer speak? That means you have progressed and although you still care about these people, you are now on different pages of life. Who in your life is a motivating factor? We can’t succeed without them, so it’s best to surround ourselves with them. I guarantee that if you begin to run in circles of positive people, you will find your whole mind set will change and soon you will taking action and making improvements in all areas of life for yourself and your family!

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