Sick Of Dating Those Jerks?

Two more trips in my near future, one to Atlanta for the Info-summit where my husband is speaking along with other top internet marketers as well as George Foreman! George is a master salesman and I can’t wait to hear his story on how he turned that daggone grill into an empire! Then after that I am off to the UK for the UFC fight! My husband Lloyd and his fighter Brandon Vera are the main event that night and it’s going to be on Spike TV. I have been trying to get my husband to put our Superwoman Lifestyle logo on the banners and fighter tee-shirts, but it’s just not going over too well! But I’ll keep working at it….LOL

So you are having trouble turning your prospects into clients huh? This is a common issue, I get women all the time saying people seem to be interested, but they just won’t buy. Well many times it is because you have spent absolutely ZERO time working on building a relationship with your prospects. I have said it before and I will say it again. Selling your products and services is a process very similar to dating a man. Let me show the parallels, pay close attention.

You are at the party with your girlfriends, looking and feeling great. You are all dressed up in a beautiful outfit, your hair and make-up are flawless. Men have been approaching you all night, most of them giving you phony lines you have heard before and many of them offending you with their direct approach. Some even looking you up and down with only one thing on their mind. What a turn off. But then, as soon as you were giving up hope of meeting a quality man, out of nowhere he approaches. He walks up confidently. He looks you in the eye, smiles and says; “good evening. I wanted to tell you that you look beautiful tonight. How are you enjoying the party so far?� Finally a man who doesn’t devour you with his eyes, but pays you a compliment and strikes up a friendly and normal conversation. What a relief! You relax, you return the smile and then you engage in friendly talk. Before he leaves he asks if he may have your number to call you some time and get to know you better. You agree and happily give him those seven digits. All hope is not gone. There are still nice guys out there who know how to respectfully approach a woman. You find yourself eagerly anticipating his call. It was been a great night!

Sound familiar? Of course it does. Well the process is the same when you begin communicating with a prospect. When someone is interested in your product or service, they may opt into your website, or start reading your blog or ezine. If you are on Facebook, they may join your group or fan page. At that time, it is YOUR job to begin to build a healthy relationship with them. That does NOT mean go in for the kill and immediately try to sell them. That is overwhelming and pushy just like those jerky guys out there on the dating scene.

Instead, speak their language and offer great information and content they can actually use. Something that makes them say “wow, she really knows her stuff.� Talk about yourself and let your prospects get to know you. Don’t bother trying to me Miss Ultra Professional who is untouchable. Be a real person, infuse some personality into what you are writing. People like to do business with people they like who seem to be just like them, that is a proven fact. Talk about your dog or cat, people can relate. The most important thing is to work on building trust and staying in communication. When that prospect is ready to buy, they will remember YOU, the awesome business lady who gives so much value for free who is so down to earth.

And if you ever forget, just think about that dating scene! Treat your prospects how you want Mr. Right to treat you when he first walks up! Works like a charm!

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