Vicki Irvin-Scared of What? Maryland Real Estate Investing

Okay, it’s vacation time. I am so worn out! I am happy so many people want to learn real estate investing, and let me tell you, my students and prospective students are wearing me out! I am down right tired, but it is a good tired!

Let’s talk a bit about conquering fear. I still gets boatloads of emails from people telling me they are scared to make moves or changes in their life. And fear is a natural thing so I totally understand. But fear is also paralyzing and stops us from doing so many things we really want to do in life. What is fear anyway, and what are we REALLY afraid of? Is it the thought of failure, the thought of what others may say, or a lack of confidence in ourselves? Or perhaps a combination of all three. Whatever it is, cause I really don’t know, it is a very powerful thing.

Don’t you admire fearless people though? I know people like my husband who have no fear when it comes to business or challenges. He has built so many successful businesses by slapping fear right in the face. And quite honestly, he is where I drew my strength to do the same thing. I was afraid to walk away from my six figure salaried job, but one day enough was enough! And so many people always ask me if it was easier for me to walk away because my husband was already successful, but the answer is NO! I am used to my own money and handling my own affairs and the thought of having that financial freedom taken away from me was sooo scary. I just didn’t see myself asking for money to go to the mall or for groceries and having been so independent my whole life, that was not a good place for me personally. But I finally realized that nobody was going to make changes for me and if I continued to do what I was doing, then I needed to accept the 9-5 was all there was out there for me! And that was not easy for me when my husband gets to sleep in as late as he wants and set his own schedule. Yes, I envied that VERY much!

I also began to realize that worrying about what other people had to say would get me no place fast either, few people in life really want to see you succeed anyway, that is unfortunate but true. So I decided to live my life for me, and that is when I learned how to invest from my mentor and that is when my life changed. Do you know how good it feels to fire your boss? Well you have got to experience it for yourself one day. And my ex-boss and I are still good friends and he is quite proud of me, but I STILL fired HIM!!

Need help conquering your fears like I did? Come on out to my next seminar on February 7th and learn all about how I did it as well as the power of real estate investing. Hear real live people who have been through our program talk about the changes in their life.

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