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I have three live events this week and I am working like a maniac. It is going to be this way for the entire summer, so I guess I better get used to it. I am especially excited about my Women Entrepreneurs Networking and SuperSeat Extravaganza this Saturday with over 200 women registered. We are going to have a BLAST! Ladies, who registered for this event, your tickets were mailed out this morning, so be on the look-out for them!

Nothing in your business will change until YOU become at master at marketing it. If you have not already signed up to attend the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event July 9th-11th in Washington, DC, then hurry and secure your seat before the special pricing goes UP. Due to many requests I have agreed to extend the special pricing deadline. This is the life and business-changing event you have been waiting for!

For Event Details And To Secure Your Seat Today:

Learning how to effectively communicate and make connections with people is crucial for any business owner. How you present and conduct yourself makes all the difference in the world when a person decides to use your services. Are you connecting with people or rubbing them the wrong way?

As an example, my awesome assistant Bonita told me someone called my office about the complimentary event I am putting together for women entrepreneurs this Saturday. The person was rude and demanding and clearly missed the fact that I am spending money to put on a complimentary event for women in the community. While just about every other woman has thanked me for doing something that most would not, this person chose to put demands on ME! Imagine that? I have learned from my mentors and own experiences a long time ago, that as soon as someone shows you who they are through negativity, then you quickly make the decision that is not a person you want to work with or bring around other positive people. As an entrepreneur you have the option of deciding who you do and do not want to work with. Some clients are just not worth it and it defeats the purpose of you doing your own thing and having control over your own destiny. Never settle for working with someone who will make you miserable!

On the flip side, I also received a beautiful thank you note in the mail from an awesome business women who saw me present for Woman Entrepreneur of the year in Dallas. This already very successful woman told me she learned so much for my presentation and thanked me for sharing. That brought a smile to my face. It only takes a second to thank someone for sharing their time, expertise or kind words…and it goes a long way in making a connection that could one day turn out to be huge.

So as you go about your day or your business, make the decision to treat everyone with respect and remember that it only takes one person to put you on a path that can forever change your life.

If you KNOW that your business is great, if you KNOW you have something of value that people can really benefit from, if you KNOW you are meant to be an entrepreneur, then YOU need to be at the Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event July 9th-11th. Three (3) jam-packed days of marketing systems to attract clients. Three (3) dynamic top-notch sought after and in demand speakers who can show you how to increase your business profits. A nurturing environment of all women there to support each other as we make our mark on the world!


The Sporty Girls will be arriving in DC tonight! Private fitness training starts tomorrow and I cannot wait. I do hope you will join us for our healthy cooking gala on Friday and/or our fitness bootcamp on Saturday. Check out all the events Sporty Girl is offering here:

Vicki Irvin formerly a human resources employee, quit her 9-5 job to become a real estate investor. She created a multi-million dollar coaching business in 12 months by applying marketing strategies and techniques that many have never even heard of. After being asked by women nationally how she managed to build and juggle several successful businesses, tend to her family and stay in such great shape, she decided to teach her blueprint for business success, beauty and balance to other women through Superwoman Lifestyle. To learn more about Vicki, visit:

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