Ron Legrand and Vicki Irvin At The Superconference 2008

Ok, I am back in town and slightly sick, but I will survive. My head is spinning with new ideas and things that I have learned at the conference. The number of people wanting to do some type of joint venture with me is amazing and I am grateful for all of the opportunities.

One of the highlights of my trip was getting to talk with Ron Legrand one of the most famous and richest real estate investors ever. Anyone interested in real estate investing has probably heard of Ron is some shape fashion or form. In fact, many people have been to one of his training programs before. Ron and my husband Lloyd belong to some of the same high level Mastermind Groups and we appeared in a movie with his as well.
But the real kicker is that Ron approached me about doing a joint venture with him! The famous Ron Legrand is interested in teaming with Lloyd and Vicki and Maryland Real Estate Secrets. I thought that was awesome and definitely flattering. Here is a picture of Ron and I below, just click the link:

The success stories from the people at the conference I attended were out of this world. People who have gone from zero to millions in 12 months applying and implementing the right marketing strategies. I wish you could have been there to see ordinary people just like you and me who have acquired success from scratch. It is so inspirational and it enforces what I talk to you about all the time. TAKING ACTION. Nobody is smarter than you are and nobody has an edge you do not. I’m excited because Maryland Real Estate Secrets students came and got to see it for themselves so now they too can validate what I have been saying.

In any event, I must run. We have an investing retreat this weekend that is full to the maximum with people coming to get in on real estate investing at the absolute best time ever. My assistant just called and begged me to come into the office to help them prepare because they are swamped. I don’t mind pitching in because I know it is getting hectic.

If you have not been to one of our seminars, but have been interested in real estate investing I strongly urge you to come on out TONIGHT!!! We have an event tonight (3/8) where I am going to share a real life story on how leaving your financial security up to your job is a fatal mistake. You won’t want to miss this! You can register here:

Vicki Irvin

P.S. I am getting ready to launch a Women’s Marketing Group where I will be teaching women entrepreneurs and business owners how to explode their business to the next level. If you are already a business owner or an aspiring one and would like to join my exclusive women’s only Millionaire club, start thinking seriously about it. One of my plans is to bring in my good friend Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s apprentice so she can assist and bring her knowledge as well. This is only for the serious and hard-working and there will be an application process. Just wanted to put a bug in your ear so you will be prepared!

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