Reflections-Vicki Irvin

Good Morning! Yes I am alive! 2008 has been busy for myself and Maryland Real Estate Secrets and it is only a couple weeks in! I can’t stay long, I have a Real Estate Investing Retreat with 80 people who came out to learn how to invest the proper way along with me and my entire power team! We are so excited that people are flocking to us to help mentor them and lead them to financial freedom!

Last night we had a free real estate investing seminar and although the weather was bad, we still had quite a turn out! I was impressed! LOL

I had a birthday a couple days ago and of course it was time for more reflections. I am usually pretty hard on myself, but as I sat back and thought about where I am in my life, I am actually proud. I work extremely hard at what I do and I have an awesome team on my side helping me every step of the way. As I took inventory of my friends and family, I have some of the best people on my side and for that I am thankful. We talked about cleaning house for 2008 and weeding out the people in your life who are only there to try to do you harm. Sometimes you know who those people are and sometimes you don’t until their true colors finally show. But either way, be sure to get poisonous people away from you and surround yourself with honest, positive people so you all can prosper together.

So I hope you are on track to do GREAT things this year and I hope you focus on making the things you desire in life happen. You can achieve what you want, all you have to do is believe in yourself. I have seen so many people change through Maryland real estate investing, people who dove right in and did something they weren’t sure they could do. Ordinary people just like you. How did they do it? By believing in themselves and attaching themselves to real mentors! With that formula, you can’t go wrong!

Gotta run, can’t have 80 people mad at me!

To Wealth and Real Estate Riches,

Vicki Irvin
The Real Estate Investment Queen

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