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What types of things in your life make you feel good? What sort of accomplishments make you happy? And how long do you bask in the glory of what you have achieved?

For the majority of my life, whenever I set a goal for myself, I enjoyed the process of reaching that goal, however, once I finally accomplished it, the thrill was over. I always thought that you were supposed to feel so great about reaching your goal and that the euphoria would last and last. But for me, it just doesn’t. I guess I enjoy the ride better. But what that means for me is that I am constantly looking for the next big challenge. And that has an up side and a down side. On one hand, I am constantly reaching new heights, but on the other hand, I am not allowing myself time to reflect on what I have already done. And that is a struggle for me.

I guess it is not a horrible problem to have. One thing that having this type of personality has done is help me to become a good teacher. There are many people who need assistance setting goals and challenging themselves and guess who is right there to help them? ME! I love to push people towards success and I get great pleasure from seeing others realize their dreams. Ask my friends! I am always tying to get a crew of us together to work out or accomplish something as a group.

It is hard to be in a struggle by yourself without positive people surrounding you. And sometimes it is just plain old hard to even get up in the morning. We don’t always feel 100% and sometimes we just want to pull the covers over our head and not face the world at all. When I get like that, it helps to think about all of the successful people in the world and how they got to where they are. Many of their stories are inspiring because they did not have it easy and faced many obstacles. Certainly way more than I have ever faced and so if they can do it, I can do it to. And so can you!

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