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Are you playing it safe? Are you the type of person who has spent their whole life NEVER taking any risks out of fear? I personally did that for a long time.

I believe we are raised to go to college and get a good job. And while education is key and essential, why do most people no matter what they do, dislike their jobs? We grow up and say we want to go to school and get a law degree. Then we go out in the work force and complain we work too many hours for not enough pay. Or our dream is to be a teacher and help educate children, but then the school systems are so bad and dangerous and the pay is so lousy that our dream of being an educator has turned into a nightmare. It just seems that what we say we want to be when we “grow up� always turns out to be unfulfilling. But if figured out that it is only so unfulfilling because we have to do too much of it and on other people’s terms. Forty plus hours a week of anything is enough to turn someone sour. Add a horrible commute on top of that and we are really suffering!

But despite feeling this way, many of us continue to play it safe. And by that I mean that we never go out and explore anything new. We rarely do anything about our dreams and aspirations. We rarely will do anything to help us escape the 9-5 drudgery of the job. We become totally reliant on that paycheck and are scared to do anything to upset it. But where does that really get us? STUCK! Stuck in a vicious cycle of dependency and scared to take any risks to do anything about it. So on one hand we are holding ourselves prisoners out of fear. But I am here to tell you that when you do finally conquer that fear and do something about your circumstances, it is the BEST feeling in the world. Simply put, without change, everything remains the same.

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