No Excuses Today, Ok?

Speaking of proven success models… Someone wrote to me about how they wanted to get started in real estate investing, but they don’t have the knowledge, or money to do so. I call these EXCUSES. By now, if you have ever been to one of my real estate seminars, you know that you do NOT have to have money to get involved in real estate investing. Secondly, 95% of the people who venture into real estate investing have ZERO knowledge on the industry or what to do, including myself. I was the Human Resources Professional turned investor who ended up firing my boss!

While I have been told over and over that my story has been inspirational to so many, I want to share the story of a friend of mine who has a story that will THROW YOU FOR A MAJOR LOOP. As humans we sometimes look for reasons to let ourselves off the hook for why we can’t be successful. This mindset is crippling and keeps us stuck. I talk about this all the time. But today, I want to share some amazing proof of what ANYONE of us can do. If you receive my blogs it is because you are smart enough to know real estate investing is the way to go in life. It means you have an interest in learning more and going to the next level. If that is true, then do yourself a BIG FAVOR and access this link below. You will thank me for sure! ENJOY!!


Vicki Irvin
The Real Estate Investment Queen

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