Vicki Irvin-DREAM BIG, ACT NOW! Maryland Real Estate Investing

Friday,November 10, 2006

It’s Friday!! Thank goodness! I’m sure your spirits are higher today if you are at work. I remember when I was working how happy everyone appeared to be, just because we were getting those two days off. Who came up with this system of 5 days at work and only 2 days off anyway? I…

Wednesday,November 8, 2006

People are always asking me how my life has changed from the time I left the corporate world and entered the world of entrepreneurship. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I’ll start with…NO MORE DARN ALARM CLOCKS! Those clocks are the most annoying thing in the world, and all it meant to me was…

Vicki Irvin-Everyday Is A Holiday For Me, Why Don’t You Join Me. Maryland Real Estate Investing

Monday,October 9, 2006

Hey, I first want to say Happy Columbus Day to you. I hope that you are enjoying your time off from work. I remember how it used to be when holidays were coming up, I would say to myself “Wow, I have a 3 day weekend coming up” I couldn’t wait. But before you knew…

Vicki Irvin-Don’t Envy Me, Join Me! Maryland Real Estate Investing

Sunday,October 1, 2006

That’s exactly what my mentor Terry Bryan told me when I used to tell him how great it was that he’s making so much money in Real Estate. He said…… Vicki “Don’t Envy Me, Join Me! “Those words rang in my ear like the crisp clear sound of the ocean breeze” I want you to…