Never Look Back-Vicki Irvin

Someone in Chicago last week asked me how I do so much and achieve success. They asked if I ever get burned out. HECK YES, I get burned out! Everybody does every now and then. But when I feel myself getting to that point, I stop and look at what I am doing that got me there.

Sometimes it’s a major project I’m working on with a deadline. Sometimes it’s just me challenging myself to get more done. And sometimes I am just running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

But the main thing that keeps me going is my desire and intent on reaching a certain goal. I have invested a lot into my own education and I see the benefits of doing that. I am always learning from successful people and I apply what they teach me. That is the importance of seeing the value in a coach and making sure you have one. All successful people have coaches. You can see the difference in people who have a coach and educate themselves versus the people who do not. There is a HUGE difference.

So next time you wonder where you are going and why are not getting there, ask yourself who you are being coached or mentored by. It makes all the difference in the world! find someone successful and NEVER LOOK BACK!

And remember:

Education Without Implementation Is Just Entertainment!

Vicki Irvin
The Real Estate Investment Queen

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