Vicki Irvin-My How The Tables Have Turned…Maryland Real Estate Investing

Oh my goodness! I’m not sure if I was half asleep and half awake or what, but you know how sometimes we are kinda between consciousness when we first wake up in the morning? Well this morning I almost had a panic attack! I woke up with a strangely familiar knot in my stomach, you know that feeling of dread that makes you feel like you have butterflies in your tummy? I was feeling depressed and didn’t know why and I realized that I thought I had to get up and commute to work like I did for all these years up until recently. It took me a moment to get my breath back and calm down, because I fortunately no longer have to wake up in the dark, cold house and pump myself up for an hour and a half commute in gridlock traffic, only to be surrounded by people who are plotting against me or don’t appreciate me for EIGHT hours! Sorry if I sound like I am rambling, but gosh, this truly was my life for so long. And yes, while I was grateful to have a good job because some people don’t, that does not mean I had to settle for working for someone else and making them rich, when I could be doing big things on my own! I only wish it hadn’t taken me so long to figure out real estate investing would give me a brand new world!

Guess what else???? My old boss is now calling me to come back and consult with him on projects and marketing strategies on how to take his business to the next level! Now can YOU imagine leaving your job and having your boss call you back to help him on YOUR terms?? Well, it is a GREAT feeling and I am so proud of myself for having the endurance and fortitude to push forward in my dreams and not allowing my own fears of the unknown and false senses of security to stop me!! Why are we valued so much more after we leave a job, than when we were there? Not to mention we charge way more money as a consultant than when we were a regular staff member. I’ll tell you why… it’s because people value products and services so much more when they have to pay a premium price for them. Don’t believe me??? Well think about a time you offered your services to someone for free and they didn’t take advantage of it… Then think about a time you made people pay for that very same service and how they responded then. Get it now?

You may be wondering why I would want to go back and consult on business and and marketing when I am now a real estate investor and my former career was as an HR Executive. Well that’s easy to answer… as a business owner now, my focus has changed. No matter what business a person THINKS that they are in, they must know how to market their services or their doors will one day close. My former boss recognizes now that all the ideas I gave him when I was an employee were actually valid. He sees the success I am having as an investor and knows it is not by accident but by design. He now miraculously values my opinion and wants to pay top dollar for it! So I will help him, because I want to see him succeed as an African American business owner who has an already great company. Okay, who am I kidding…. He also knows my husband Lloyd is one of the Top Information Marketers in the world and is the Certified Business Advisor for PG County. My husband is licensed to teach business owners how to take their businesses to the next level.

If you are an entrepreneur, consultant, or business owner looking to take your business to the next level, My husband will be having his monthly chapter meeting at the Colony South Hotel tomorrow, 11/29 from 7:00pm-9:00pm. I urge you to register for his free meeting because it will soon be a sold out event each month! There will also be a special guest speaker who will blow your mind with his craft! You can register at:



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